Have You Seen Arzina?


     A post office was established in 1897 and Cora Arzina Chamberlin was the first post mistress. The town was named after Ms. Chamberlin. Arzina was originally called Mt. Corbin after the mountain nearby named after the Spokane railway magnate, D.C. Corbin. Corbin brought the first railroad into Stevens County. Later Mt. Corbin was changed to Monumental Mountain. The post office was discontinued in 1911.

     Rich fruit-growing land, mountain meadows, and fine stands of timber surrounded the community. In 1910 there was a daily stage that brought the mail from Harvey. Arzina was an active community with a Literary Society, dances and even basket socials. In 1891 the Mt. Corbin School District was created and the community members constructed a log school building on Al Millerís land. School was in session for four months, and they had a long winter vacation. Later the school was moved to the intersection of the Orin-Rice road and the Pleasant Valley Road. A new school was constructed complete with a bell tower. In 1935 Arzina joined the Rice School.


Arzina School