Cedonia: Godís Country

     In 1858 George Harvey found a perfect spot for a home along the creek that now bears his name. In 1888 he was joined by other families, including Martin and Mary (Young) Scotten. They became the first permanent residents. The Scottens kept groceries and other supplies for their neighbors on the creek. Martin became Cedoniaís first postmaster when he opened the Post Office in 1899.

     In 1897, the Cornwalls settled on land farther up the creek and the Dashiell family homesteaded near a big spring. These first founding families were religious people and began to plan a church for the new settlement. Chris Engelhardt donated the land for the Cedonia Union Church and cemetery. The other families all helped out and lumber from Mr. Fiskís Mill was on the ground in 1897. Mr. Preneganar was the head carpenter and many community members of different religious backgrounds contributed to building the church. The church was finished and clear of debt by 1900 and was opened to all denominations. Three families were chosen to pick a name for the town from the bible. They chose Macedonia from Acts 16:9 in which the people asked the Apostle Paul to "Come over to Macedonia and help us". The name was later shortened to Cedonia.

     Soon two stores were built above the creek on the old wagon trail between Fort Spokane and Fort Colville. In 1908 a triple wedding ceremony took place in the little white church. This date became a time for celebration for all three couples and their families. Many schools were started in the area and eventually were consolidated into the Columbia District. (Pioneers of the Columbia)


Church Still Part of Community

     A church bell was donated by Charles White of Hunter and services were held until 1965. Then the building was only used for special occasions for eleven years. The Ladies Aid maintained the church and in 1976 it reopened. A new sanctuary, kitchen and fellowship hall were added. Services are still held every Sunday in the same church constructed in 1897.