Over 200 schools existed in Stevens County, Washington from the 1850s to the present. The Crossroads on the Columbia project is developing a listing of

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these schools is based on The Last Bell by Alpha Naff and deeds at the county courthouse.    Here is a map with links to information on many of them.

Here are some spreadsheets with school details.  One version is a listing of the schools in Stevens County by Range, Township, and Section. This should assist in using Township/Range/Section websites like the or the Stevens County Assessor website. The second is by Schools Nicknames. Most schools were known by a nickname(s) and not a number, so this listing is alphabetical by name. The final listing is by School District number. This is intended to help with the 1915-1933 Stevens County School Census records, which the State Archives has digitized and they intend to put online and other records using just the school district number.

A few notes about the files.  The green background on the latitude/longitude field shows either a deed, map, or person has indicated the location and the school. Blue background indicates that the location is most likely correct, but not verified.  The red background means the deed descriptions weren’t clear or there was no deed and the location on comes from the general description in The Last Bell. The Stevens County Assessor’s Mapsifter was used to obtain the latitude/longitude coordinates.  Date ranges came from The Last Bell and should be considered approximate ranges and not exact.

Although, we do plan on checking other records for information about the schools, if you are familiar with a school location, please verify if our information is correct.  We are adding latitude/longitude, when possible, to an image’s data, so you can find where the photograph or material was created. Please email with any additions or corrections.

A Preserve America Project for Stevens County Washington