Chewelah Museum

The items scanned into the Chewelah Museum Collection stored on have generally-speaking not been created to be published for profit.  They have been donated to the museum to make them available to the public for viewing.  The items on this website are “presentation quality”.  This is a much lower standard than archival quality.  In most cases therefore, they are available for download and private use under “Fair Use” provisions of copyright law.  You can download them onto your computer and print copies for non-commercial purposes.

If an image from this archive is of a work that was created for sale or for hire, a different set of rights may apply.  In those cases, please contact the museum using the links provided at the bottom of this page.

Note that each image has metadata embedded in it that denotes the origins, dates, people and other characteristics of the image.  This also makes images from this archive searchable.  If you place one on your desktop for instance, and pause your cursor over it, parts of the embedded metadata will be displayed.  More information about the picture can be accessed by right-clicking on the image and selecting “properties->details” from the menus.   Professional software will allow you to examine this data even more fully.  The result is that there is little excuse for not knowing where this image came from and crediting the source if you use it in published works either digital or  on paper.

If you would like to use images from this archive in for-profit publications, you are advised to contact the Chewelah Museum directly.  They have rights to the archival quality copies of these images.  The higher archival resolution makes for much better print publications.  In many instances portions of an archival quality image can be enlarged to distinguish individual faces or features.  Museums generally charge a small fee to locate and distribute archival images.  the contact at the Chewelah Museum is  Tracy Ferrell or Don McLaughlin  There are many more pictures available on their website:


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