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The bulk of the work in this project will be done by History Detectives. That could mean you. These are resources for detectives

Get Your Story Told

This project depends on “History Detectives” to help with all phases of collecting information and putting it together in stories.

For a quick slide show of the process check out Building the Archive.

Curiosity is the first quality of a good detective but you don’t have to be an expert at history or computers to be a big help.  Everyone is good at something.

  • If you are curious, you probably want to know what kinds of things “History Detectives” do.  To start with, you can work at home on your own schedule or at a nearby museum or library organizing material or scanning.
  • There are a lot of hand-written documents that we can use help with typing up or just indexing their contents.
  • There are other papers with people’s names that we want to be keep track of.
  • If you have your own photo or story collection, that could help us too.
  • If you write or even just tell old stories, that could be very valuable.
  • You could plan a tour or inventory collections.
  • If you know genealogy  that could be huge.


So if you like to poke around in the past for any reason, this project needs you.  An easy way to contact us is to just post a comment to this page.  Give us a phone number (We won’t publish it on this website.)  We’ll call you and take it from there.